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Contributing to Kermeta

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This section contains various information useful for people who wish to enhance and contribute to Kermeta development, or simply use the CVS version of Kermeta.
Contributing to Kermeta Installing Kermeta Development Environment
Contributing to Kermeta Building documentation for Kermeta
Contributing to Kermeta Development control board (V1)
development metrics and tools in order to have a global view of the development state (daily build test results, etc)
Contributing to Kermeta Kermeta Java-EMF Compiling Issues
This article gives the guidelines in order to install and try the compiler of Kermeta: kmt to Java-EMF plugins
Contributing to Kermeta Plugins Architecture
This document describes the architecture, roles and dependencies in plugins.
Contributing to Kermeta Team projects sets
Find here psf files. These files contains the svn references in order to check out easly the Kermeta projects source code corresponding to various use cases.