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Users of Kermeta

The Kermeta community currently uses the tools provided by the forge.

Thus, the Kermeta users can use the following mailing list:

They can also use these forums:

Contributers to Kermeta

You are welcome to contribute to Kermeta itself. You'll find some additional documentation in this folder.

Feel free to contact the development team via the list.

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Map of Kermeta users [under construction, script running]

Here is a map showing the users of Kermeta.

This map is generated from the donwload logs and counts unique IP addresses  that have downloaded kermeta. As it comes from log, this is obviously partial. It doesn't take into account donwload from the forge or from openembedd site (it mainly contains downloads done via the eclipse update site).  Addresses that cannot be placed on the map are ignored too.

Location with several recent downloads
All locations having downloaded Kermeta

Open map details

Open map details

Legend: Blue=small community in that city, yellow=medium community, Red=big community in the city; A dot in the mark means that it has been used in the last year.