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Finding MDK documentation

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Looking for the documentation on a given MDK ?

These tips should help you find more information and use them as much as possible.

Tip 1 : Try the eclipse help

The eclipse help system may contains a subsection related to the MDK you are looking for, including information on how to use the MDK.

Tip 2 : Try the web

Some MDK authors and contributors have written only some web pages on this web site, so you should them out too.

Tip 3 : Use the Outline and KermetaDoc views

If you already know the correct "require" to import the kmt file in your project, these views are really useful as they expose the documentation associated with the classes in the MDK. Some of them may even provide some diagrams.

Tip 4 : Import the MDK plugin in your workspace

You might not know that you can import the installed plugins (including the one that deploy a given MDK) into your workspace.

This feature is really useful when you want to have a look to the actual code of the MDK you are using because you'll have the kmt files right under your hand !

If you wish to modify the MDK itself (for ex: for contributing to it ;-) ), you'll probably need the following tip (available since  kermeta 1.3.2): instead of requiring the kmt file using platform:/plugin or platform:/resource you should use platform:/lookup . This special URL (currently recognized only in the "require") allows to look for the file in the workspace first, then, if not found in the plugins. so you won't have to modify your files when you'll want to deploy them.